10 Tips for Speed Lashing

10 Tips for Speed Lashing

Speed Lashing – Everything you need to know in order to apply eyelash extensions faster. 10 Tips from the Professional!

Time is precious! Both for the stylist and for the customer. How long should a customer wait on your couch before they can benefit from a beautiful eyelash extension set? Three hours? Four hours? Even more than that?

Professionals who can glue volume eyelash extensions belong to the master class of all eyelash stylists. However, fanning Mink lashes is a time-consuming process that only the most experienced professionals can do in less than 3 hours. For those who don’t work with these daily and for those who are just starting out, it usually takes much more time.

Any stylist who has practiced this in the past knows the amount of cramping it induces for neck, back and hands. Therefore, it’s hardly possible to manage more than 2 customers per day.

However, this is also unpleasant for the customer, who has to lie on their back in a quiet position for such a long time. Going to the bathroom, drinking something, stretching the back, and other potential interruptions are hard to go by in this case, and they hinder the application process by prolonging it.

So, this procedure is a bit of a mixed bag; who should be feeling more desperate? You or your customer?

Wouldn’t it be great if a stylist could apply extensions on around 2-3 customers every 4 hours instead? This would bring more turnover and customer satisfaction would rise up.

What can you do to apply volume eyelash extensions in a shorter time span?

If you are a stylist, you can use these tools to simplify the application process:

  1. Make an appointment with the customer and ask them to remove all their makeup before they come in; this saves you time because you still have to clean and degrease their eyelashes with eyelash shampoo and primer anyway. Also, the skin around the eye must be cleansed of all fat and make-up to allow for a masking that lasts throughout the entire treatment. Don’t forget that.

2. Use a good Micropore Tape or well-adhering lower lid pads to mask the lower lashes. Both must adhere extremely well in order not to come loose during the treatment. A good tape should have no scent or any ingredients that could cause the eyes to water. As soon as the eye waters, the masking begins to dissolve. You’re saving time when you don’t have to adjust them over and over again.

3. Adhesive rings and eyelash rings are very helpful because they spread the eyelash tape evenly so that the fans can be picked out easily. Glue and eyelash trays should always be placed directly next to each other so that your viewing distance remains the same both while fanning and while picking up glue.

If the distance isn’t the same, the eye must refocus with each individual movement, leading to rapid fatigue and costing you time.

4. A special eyelash adhesive is essential for the volume technique as it quickly sets and dries in less than 3 seconds. This saves you time.

5. Eyelash glue reacts to air humidity. Moistening with a Nano Sprayer is ideal for fast drying. This accelerates the application process and saves time. Complete drying is also an important aspect for the customer because, from a statistical standpoint, they will feel less irritation.

6. Instead of glue and eyelash rings, most stylists love to use forehead trays. The eyelashes and the adhesive to be applied are positioned on a headband directly next to the eye. This guarantees the shortest path between picking up the lashes and applying them, giving you a real edge time-wise and letting your eyes focus with the least effort.

7. If you use the right tweezers, you will save yourself a lot of time. Only good, specially-designed tweezers for volume techniques can allow you to fan the lashes without them slipping away before they are placed. The best thing to do is to buy a high-quality Volume Tweezer Set. And by the way, your hand will thank you if you use tweezers that don’t apply a lot of tension; this will help avoid cramps, making sure that your hand doesn’t hurt for the rest of the day.

8. The importance of good visibility is always underestimated. Bright daylight and a magnifying glass help you achieve your fine work as precisely as possible. This saves time, concentration and effort! The Glamcor Lamps are specially designed for this type of requirement. You can see the difference between standard cosmetic lights and Glamcor lamps in this video.

9. The so-called Magic Volume Lashes or Express Fan Eyelashes self-fanning eyelashes are completely new on the market. This is what all eyelash stylists have been waiting for; fanning has never been so easy! When a few eyelashes are pulled off the adhesive strip with tweezers, the fan opens all by itself. The tedious work of fanning individual eyelashes for a volume eyelash set is now over, saving you a lot of time.

10. In any case, you will save the most time if you work with prefabricated fans. It’s basically impossible to create a whole set so perfectly and evenly spread out on your own. They are available in 3D, 5D and 10D, starting from a 0.05mm diameter and in lengths of up to 15mm.

With these tips, you can finally succeed and apply a volume extension set in just over an hour. This is a big step towards quality, customer friendliness and efficiency.

Let me know which of these tips is ideal for you and whether you have any further suggestions from your own experience. I look forward to your comments.

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