7 Different Eyelash Styles - Which One Suits You?

7 Different Eyelash Styles - Which One Suits You?

Individual eyelashes, volume eyelashes, strip eyelashes, DIY lashes, 5D eyelashes… new terms are constantly appearing in fashion magazines and media, here we bring some light into the darkness

What are the most popular eyelash styles?

First of all, it has to be said that there are many different eyelash styles that can vary depending on personal taste, occasion and eye shape. The type of eyelashes to be used depends on this. Here are some of the most common eyelash styles:

  1. Natural – the individual eyelash method:

With this method, individual eyelashes are glued directly to the natural eyelashes (1:1 technique), the result usually looks very natural. The method is time-consuming because 60-100 individual eyelashes are glued per eye to achieve a full look. This technique not only requires a lot of time, but also routine and skill from the stylist.

  1. The dramatic look with strip lashes:

A dramatic look uses thick and long lashes to create a striking and intense effect. This style is suitable for special occasions. The best known for this are strip eyelashes , which are glued to the eyelid with a skin adhesive. It works even more cleverly with a self-adhesive eyeliner and eyelash set , in which the magnetic eyeliner ensures that the strip eyelashes stick to the eyelid without extra glue.

All-in-1 DIY eyelash kits have recently become very popular, you stick sections of eyelash tufts under your own eyelashes – a simple method with a powerful effect.

  1. Cat eye versus doll eye

With the cat eye, the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye are longer and more pronounced to create a cat-like, seductive effect. This style can make the eyes appear larger and more almond-shaped.

The doll eye style extends the lashes evenly throughout the lash line to create a doll’s eye effect. This style can make the eyes appear larger and more alert.

5D eyelashes in different lengths are best for both styles.

You can find an interesting blog on the topic of cat eye versus doll eye here.

  1. Wispy Lashes – or are you serious?

Wispy lashes have feather-like, irregular ends that create a soft and fluttery effect. Often seen on catwalks around the world, they are rather eccentric and may only be a short-lived trend.

  1. Volume, volume, volume:

Volume eyelashes are a type of artificial eyelashes that are specifically designed to add fullness, density and dimension to the eyelashes. In contrast to conventional eyelashes, in which usually only one artificial eyelash is glued to a natural eyelash (1:1 technique), with volume lashes several fine, light synthetic eyelashes are put together to form so-called “fans” or “tufts” and then glued on one individual natural eyelash. The modern Magic Volume Lashes, also known as Easy Fan Lashes, Express Fan Lashes or self-fanning eyelashes, are very popular . They make it easier to “form fans” in the moment they are removed from the adhesive strip.

There are other types of volume lashes that are based on the number of artificial eyelash hairs in the fan. The most common names are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc.:

  • 2D: A fan consists of two artificial eyelashes.
  • 3D: A fan consists of three artificial eyelashes.
  • ……
  • 10D: A fan consists of ten artificial eyelashes

The higher the number before the “D”, the denser and more voluminous the eyelashes appear, as more eyelash hairs are grouped into a single fan. Volume lashes can be subtle and natural or bold and dramatic, depending on the look and effect you want.

Volume lashes allow you to give your eyelashes more texture and definition without looking too heavy or unnatural. They are particularly popular with people with thin or sparse natural lashes because they can create impressive fullness and length. Because they are made of extra light eyelash hairs, volume lashes are also comfortable to wear and feel natural.

However, applying volume lashes requires a special technique and experience and it is recommended to have it done by a professional eyelash stylist to achieve the best possible result and maintain the health of the natural eyelashes.

  1. Cluster eyelashes for DIY:

Cluster lashes, also called flare lashes, consist of small groups of 3-5 lashes placed between the natural lashes. They offer natural density and are well suited for targeted accents. These are the most popular eyelashes for DIY, i.e. for self-application , because you can easily grab them with tweezers and apply them yourself in front of the mirror. The best way to do this is to use a skin glue that lasts a few days.

  1. The natural eyelash look:

This is the style that emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyelashes. It is ideal for everyday wear or for people who prefer a natural look. Often no artificial eyelashes are used for the look, but only an eyelash lift. The natural eyelashes are bent upwards with appropriate lotions, i.e. “lifted”, so that you have a beautiful, curled look for many weeks. If you want to help your eyelashes grow, use an effective eyelash growth serum that leads to more eyelash length and volume.

Where is the largest selection of eyelashes?

It is difficult to pinpoint a specific company as having the absolute largest range of eyelashes as there are many companies in the beauty industry that offer a wide range of eyelash products. The variety of the range can also vary as companies are constantly evolving and bringing new products to market.

However, some well-known brands and companies known for their extensive range of eyelashes are:

  1. Ardell : Ardell is a popular brand that offers a wide range of false eyelashes in a variety of styles and lengths.
  2. XXL Lashes is a wholesaler with affordable offers also for end customers and is known for the widest range and good customer service.
  3. Lilly Lashes : Lilly Lashes is a well-known luxury brand known for its high-quality and glamorous eyelashes.
  4. Eylure : Eylure is a renowned brand that offers a wide range of false eyelashes for every occasion and look. They have both natural and dramatic lashes that suit different eye shapes.
  5. Velour Lashes : Velour Lashes is a premium brand known for its handcrafted, high-quality lashes.


These are just a few examples, and there are many other variations and combinations to achieve the perfect lash look.

Before deciding on a specific style, it is advisable to speak to a professional eyelash stylist who can advise you based on your eyes and your preferences.





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