Bye-Bye Magnetic Eyelashes! Hello Magnetic Eyeliner! 😃

Bye-Bye Magnetic Eyelashes! Hello Magnetic Eyeliner! 😃

Today we will compare magnetic eyelashes with the magnetic eyeliner. Never before have eyes and eyelashes been so central to the entire look! Masks cover so much of our face these days that it is only our eyes that can come into play.

No wonder then that Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lifting are gaining on popularity as the need of the hour. Since a while now, magnetic eyelashes have been trending, and now there is the all new magnetic or, put differently, the “self-adhesive eyeliner” too. What does one make of it? Well, we have tested it.

Advertising videos always make it seem so easy, but in reality, standing before the mirror trying to put it on proves to be a real challenge. It comprises of 2 strip eyelashes with tiny magnets attached.

The strip eyelash has to be placed parallel above the eyelash line on the upper eyelid, and below the eyelash line on the lower eyelid, so that the natural eyelashes merge with them. Sounds easy, but it is not the case. Either they stick to the tweezers or lie crooked on the eyelid since the magnets get stuck together so easily that you are hardly left with any time for right positioning.

So, not only are the magnetic eyelashes difficult to attach but they also do not really look natural. The magnets are indeed very tiny, but in effect still too big and tend to interfere with the vision, making it seem almost as if there were clumps of mascara sticking to the eyelashes.

Moreover, the eyelash strip does not sit flush with the eyelid rim and covering it up with eyeliner does not help either. A pity really!

In short: Great idea, but not the most practicable one.


Are self-adhesive eyeliners better than magnetic eyelashes?

Oh yes! You are free from all these hassles with the magnetic eyeliner. Actually, it is not just magnetic, it is magic, since there are no magnets involved. It works more like g

lue and has, sort of, “self-adhesive” properties. It works so simply, almost unbelievably so!

Just put on the eyeliner and place the strip eyelash on it. It does not even require a special sort of strip eyelash. What’s more, it allows you to combine various kinds of strip eyelashes. There is, in fact, no glue involved.


How do magnetic eyeliners work?

It is imperative to shake the eyeliner long and hard for it to function well and for the adhesive effect to be evenly distributed.

Wait a little after applying until it is semi-dry and then place any kind of eyelashes you want on it. If the strip eyelash does not stick well, it could possibly mean that your skin is too greasy, or there is not enough eyeliner applied. Just reapply in that case. Incidentally, the eyeliner is waterproof and lasts long, as you can see in this video.


You can re-use the strip eyelash till it looks good, in other words many, many times. By the way, it is also very easy to remove. Just lift it slightly from one side and peel it off. The eyeliner can be removed with any commercially available makeup remover.

For beginners, the ready-to-use sets are very practical that come not only with the magic eyeliner, but also various types of strip eyelashes and an applicator, an extremely useful aid for proper positioning.


In short: the magnetic eyeliner is a truly practical innovation, uncomplicated to use and brings great results.

What are the best self-adhesive eyeliners?

We have tested these products and found them to be good:

Lash Ray – 15,97£ XXL Lashes – 14.39 £ Eono – 15.99 £

And now one final tip: Draw attention to your eyes with the right face mask!

These sparkling face masks with sequins are really the best bet to draw greater attention to your eyes! They add mystique to your face and lend an alluring look overall, especially for evenings out and on festive occasions.

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