Check It Out: Way Forward for Men to Style Eyebrows

Check It Out: Way Forward for Men to Style Eyebrows

Good looking eyebrows are not just important for women but men too, since they define facial expression. That said it is left to individual choice to go for a wild, groomed, bushy or contoured style. How great is it to have eyebrows at all! Not everyone is lucky enough to have eyebrows that can be styled and groomed.

Our endeavour here is to shed light on all methods concerning eyebrows for men, some of which may perhaps not be known to you.

What are the standards that define the look of men’s eyebrows?

Naturally nothing is off limits; even wild growth is kosher if the desire is for a look that resembles a raging or wild man. In that case, the man can simply let both eyebrows grow into each other in one continuous line of eyebrow hair.

When one is too hirsute in this area of the face, there are four criteria that one can follow as good markers for eyebrow trimming.

  1. Form: Eyebrows should be broad rather than high; they should arch over the eyes and frame them.
  2. Symmetry: One eyebrow should look exactly like the other.
  3. Hair lengths: Not too short, not too long, ideally all hair strands have to be of equal length.
  4. Clearly demarcated eyebrows: Two eyebrows not one! A visibly naked skin space between the two eyebrows is an absolute must.

Trim? Shave? Pluck? Wax?

There are a lot of options most of which are known very well and are left to an individual preference for a specific method.

Epilation versus Trimming

Threading is relatively less known. This traditional method is of Arabic origin and a safe, quick and easy way of hair removal. A skilled professional can do threading with great ease. It is less painful than waxing and provides a greater degree of precision in contouring.

For someone who does not know how to go about it too well there is always the Epily Thread Epilator, a handy little inexpensive tool. It is based on the principle of using a small twisted thread to gather and pluck hair strands in a straight, smooth line.

Hair removal by threading is far less painful than other methods of hair removal.

Hair becomes finer in time and growth reduces with repeated threading. Threading also increases facial blood circulation and eliminates the risk of burns as is the case with hot wax or sugar paste. Since this method merely involves the use of a thread, it rules out the risk of allergy related skin irritation.

As opposed to tweezers, thread can grasp the finest of hairs and even fuzz giving the face a perceptibly cleaner look.

Never shave

Keep away from shaving, even though many eyebrow kits come equipped with shaving blades! It is the worst of all options! Shaving merely cuts hair at the skin level causing hair to grow back within a few days. Moreover, cutting by blade makes the hair grow back thicker and coarser than before.

How can one bring the hair into shape?

Those who are not blessed with identical eyebrows should use this sort of an Eyebrow Ruler or Eyebrow Stencil. It also helps to use this kind of a Marker Thread for Eyebrow Mapping as a measuring tool to mark the eyebrows for perfect symmetry in both of them.





To identify the best shape for ones face, the eyebrows should be shaped well at least once in a good salon, in order to subsequently pluck extra hair out by using tweezers and thus keep them in optimal shape.

Unruly wild growth can be tamed into shape for weeks at a stretch by going for the Eyebrow Lifting method. As in in the perming procedure a perming gel is applied, which

helps “loosen up” the hair structure to make it pliant for styling. After letting it stand for a short while, a fixing gel locks or fixes the eyebrow shape. This shape is retained until the growth of new hair.

Very pale eyebrows can be tinted with a waterproof eyebrow dye to enhance and maintain ones look for several weeks.

What should one do in case of scant eyebrow growth?

An eyebrow serum as growth booster….

Some have too much hair growing above their eyes and some too less. So what does one do? The answer is very simple: one can always resort to the use of a good eyebrow and eyelash serum. The XXL Lashes eyelash serum is an excellent eyebrow serum that activates and hastens growth of natural eyebrows upon regular application with a fine brush. The results are visible in as early as 14 days.

… or simply trace out the missing eyebrow hair

Each stroke of the 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pen traces 4 true to life parallel lines that help visually mimic the missing hair. This lends a deceptively natural look to the eyebrows, can be applied in minutes and lasts for the whole day.

No eyebrows? No problem!

Permanent eyebrow tracing by Microblading

Microblading is an option worth considering for those with permanent loss of eyebrows. This technique employs the same method as tattooing to trace eyebrows, which not only makes use of ink to pigment but also a fine blade to produce a 3 D effect. The look is, however, non-reversible and stays forever. This can be very frustrating if the procedure has missed the mark or fails to flatter the face.

Eyebrow tattoo sticker as a temporary eyebrow replacement

One can fall back on temporary solutions to experiment with a different look on oneself, or in the case of a temporary loss of eyebrows, for e.g. after an illness.

The Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers offer a delightfully appealing alternative. They are waterproof, can be attached in seconds and look deceptively real.

Eyebrow “wigs” as replacement for real eyebrows

Nevertheless, these real hair stick-on eyebrows replace missing eyebrow hair to produce an exceedingly natural look. Real hair strands are knotted by hand on to a very fine mesh. After customising it to size, they are attached with skin glue. They last for many days, depending on the skin type and, in fact, even survive a few showers. The eyebrow wigs are re-useable.



Extensions as fillers to shape eyebrows

Eyebrow extensions or fillers present an innovative method of shaping and enhancing the form or volume of eyebrows. This technique consists in sticking individual eyelashes into the existing eyebrow. You can enhance the shape and add to the volume of eyebrows by using the eyebrow application method and improve your facial expression on the whole.

There are thus a plethora of options to make male eyebrows look better. A comprehensive overview of methods and looks and the appurtenant tools for eyebrow styling are available for instance at XXL Lashes, where there is always a wide range of requisite accessories in stock.

Give yourself flattering male eyebrows

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