Easy Fan Lashes vs Premade Fans?

Easy Fan Lashes vs Premade Fans?

Premade eyelash flares, also called fans are growing in popularity but remain a much-debated topic. We concern ourselves here with the advantages and disadvantages of premade volume lashes; or are “self-made fans” the more superior method?

Earlier we professionals were very opposed to premade eyelash fans, since

  • they had very prominently visible knots that looked much too artificial,
  • they were not fine enough and hence heavy ergo detrimental to the growth of natural eyelashes,
  • the workmanship was rather coarse thus they had to be affixed on multiple eyelashes rather than just a single one, which is again very harmful for the natural eyelashes.

It is okay to be used for an occasional photo shoot or a special event, but hardly practical for sustained daily use.

However, with advancements made in this field since then, today qualitatively better and safer products are available on the market. Premade fans are no longer the exception now!

One must know the advantages and disadvantages of self-made and premade fans to make an informed decision on the form of eyelash extensions one wants to use.

What are the advantages of premade volume lashes?

  • BEGINNERS: – ready-made eyelash fans are a boon for people who despite attempting several times just cannot make gorgeous and symmetrical fans. Speedy application is an acquired skill of people who work with volume eyelash extensions on a daily bases and thus have a huge amount of practice in the technique.
  • QUICK APPLICATION: – Whether you are a professional or a beginner, premade eyelash flares save a lot of time. This means more clients served in a short amount of time.
  • CONSISTENT RESULTS: – Premade eyelash flares help create a long-lasting feathery look on account of the perfectly even sets of eyelash extensions.
  • EASY TO USE: Even if one is well versed in the art of creating flares, it might so happen that precisely on the day that one has an appointment with a client, one feels unwell or does not have a steady hand. On days like this premade fans are naturally of advantage since they offer the guarantee of consistent results and great outcome no matter the circumstances.

But there are disadvantages too…

  • HIGHER COSTS: – Premium quality premade flares cost more. That brings down profit margins or means higher charges for a client. This argument though does not hold water any longer since higher product costs can be compensated with the time saved overall.
  • THICKER BASE: – One of our main objections earlier against premade fans was the thick base. Nowadays though there are premade fans available with a very thin base. They require heat application instead of glue to affix them without the onus of extra weight to the natural eyelashes. This can be better illustrated by an example: a self-made 0.07 eyelash 4D fan weighs 0.136 gm. The XXL Lashes 10D fan weighs the same. Thus, this argument too no longer holds good.
  • LIFE – As opposed to self-made fans premade flares do not wrap around the natural eyelashes. This can shorten its life.
  • UNEVENNESS – It is tough to make multiple fans that are even and symmetrical in appearance.

Wherein lies the advantage of Easy Fan Lashes?

Easy Fan Lashes are individual eyelashes but manufactured for easy fan bundling upon

stripping them off the adhesive bands; the very reason for them also to be called “Magic Lashes” or “Express Flare Lashes”. Contrary to customary individual lashes these spare time and lot of effort, making it easy even for beginners.

The advantage lies in the feature of these lash tips “wrapping” better around the natural eyelashes. This ensures better glue distribution and greater life of the application.

Learning and perfecting the volume technique

A workshop or the training DVD “Russian Volume“ are recommended for all those who want to learn, master and perfect the volume technique. This XXL Lashes Training Manual “Russian Volume Technique“ with more than 70 illustrations is also available for detailed, step by step instructions on the technique of making eyelash flares.

We have found this blog that has great tips for advanced stylists: “10 Tips for Speed Lashing”.

Where can one get premium quality volume lashes?

Volume lashes are now also available on Ebay and Amazon. Nevertheless, those who lay great store by consistent quality and even curls should always place an order with the same trusted dealer of choice. It happens very often that the C curl from one dealer differs from the C curl of another dealer. This can be an extremely unpleasant experience in an application session and one that brings disappointing results.

XXL Lashes, an eyelash wholesaler can in this case be recommended as a reliable dealer since it has been in business right from 2006, i.e. over 15 years and one who can be relied upon for consistent quality besides a large variety of products. They lay emphasis on provenance and quality control in the manufacturing of eyelashes. Volume lashes by XXL Lashes are crafted by hand in Vietnam.

In short: pros and cons of premade eyelash flares

We stylists constantly endeavour to offer clients those application methods that spare their time and at the same time get gorgeous results. Premade eyelash flares open up this avenue for us. Yes, they do cost more, but we can make better use of the time gained by using these time-saving premade flares and can in fact serve many more clients!

Why labour for hours and hours to painstakingly make perfectly symmetrical mega-fans when they are available in ready to use packets? Flawless volume lashes in minutes instead of hours with premade eyelash flares!

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