7 Smart Lockdown Ideas for Eyelash Stylists

7 Smart Lockdown Ideas for Eyelash Stylists

These lockdown times in so many countries have been extremely hard on all stylists, especially those who do not receive a compensation for loss of revenue, or who have no other means of income to fall back on.

We would, therefore, like to swap a few ideas with you’ll on ways to get the eyelash business back on track a little. Now is the time when it pays off being in touch with people by email.

Tip no. 1: Eyelash extension home care products:

Eyelash extensions are linked to aftercare requirements. Use this to your advantage! Ask yourself if your clients are equipped with things required for home eyelash care, for e.g. aftercare products.

Every client still wearing extensions from a previous application needs them. Eyelashes need daily washing and brushing for them to last long. For this you need:

-a good eyelash shampoo like this Foam Cleanser that is good even for people suffering from allergies

– a Special Brush for Eyelash Shampoo. It is so fine and soft that it washes the fine extensions thoroughly without damaging them,

– and naturally you need to give your clients detailed instructions on how to clean eyelashes on their own. You can get detailed instructions at: ”What You are Guaranteed not to Know About Washing Eyelashes“ ,

– an eyelash comb, preferably this one with fine stainless steel teeth that allows even better combing of eyelashes that are stuck together.

Tip no. 2: If one wants to remove eyelash extensions at home without professional assistance…..

If it’s been a while since the last eyelash extension application and if big gaps start appearing in the eyelashes then it is time to remove even the last remaining extensions. The following products are recommended for that:
– this mini bottle of eyelash remover
– and micro-brush

If not done earlier, you have to tell your clients without fail about the way to remove extensions gently without letting the remover run into the eyes or coming into contact with the membrane since that will cause a burning sensation! You can get instructions on it here: copy and customise the text as per client profile.

Tip no. 3: Eyelash serum for the interim period

Your client can use the time until you re-open your salon to take a break from eyelash applications and to rejuvenate eyelash growth. Here you can recommend this highly effective Eyelash Growth Serum by XXL Lashes. Since it is not available on sale in retail stores, it presents you with an opportunity to sell it to your client directly (customer retention!). It also gives you the chance to meet the client and fix the next appointment.

You can get a massive discount on purchasing 10 or more eyelash serum bottles; resale of which will fetch you a nice profit margin.

Tip no. 4: Strip eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes and self-adhesive eyeliner

The other option to keep the craze for eyelash extensions alive is Strip Eyelashes! After having got used to thick eyelashes many women are not pleased with the way they look without them. Strip Eyelashes are an excellent idea to tide over this interim period.

Besides traditional strip eyelashes, which have to be stuck on the eyelid with a special skin glue you now have the wonderful magnetic eyeliner that completely dispenses with the use of glue to stick strip eyelashes of all kinds. Do not confuse this with magnetic eyelashes which are very difficult to handle. We have dealt with it in great detail in a previous blog that we suggest you read: Bye-bye magnetic eyelashes! Hello magnetic eyeliner 

Tip no. 5: Mascara is always welcome:

Every woman knows that, it hardly qualifies as a hot tip but comes to you as more of a reminder to always have mascara in stock for your client whenever she might need it.

You can order mascaras at a very reasonable price at XXL Lashes with heavy discount even on small orders.

Tip no. 6: Vouchers for the next eyelash application appointment

Here you can get creative, the sky is the limit, how about:

– a 10% saving on the price upon redeeming the voucher?
– or an attractive give-away, for instance this 4-Tip Eyebrow Pen on advance payment?
– or a gratis refill session upon purchasing an eyelash application voucher?

Make sure to apply all benefits to advance payment options, that way you can boost cash flow until you are allowed to re-open your salon.

Tip no. 7: Advance training instead of lockdown

Make use of this occupational shutdown period for personal advancement. Explore all avenues of advancing knowledge or to take online training. Many colleagues are using this time to learn the art of volume technique. There are manuals and video guides available on the subject. There is, in any case, enough time to practice until the end of the lockdown period.

We hope these ideas help you boost your eyelash business and to tide over your loss of revenue successfully. If you have ideas on how to overcome revenue losses in these hard lockdown times do share them with us! After all, many hands make light work.

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