Bad Experiences with Eyelash Lifting? 9 Complications

Bad Experiences with Eyelash Lifting? 9 Complications

Eyelash lifting is an increasingly popular beauty treatment that is low risk, but it can also cause unwanted side effects. The good news is that most of these complications are harmless and do not cause any long-term damage. The bad news is that some of these side effects can be quite problematic.

In this blog post, we cover the most common complications that can occur with eyelash lifts.

What can go wrong with an eyelash lift?

The most common eyelash lift complications are:

  1. A failed result, the eyelashes look unnatural and stand up too straight, the eyes look as if they have been torn open.
    Cause: a silicone pad that is too flat was used. With a silicone pad that is a little more curved, more curl is created.
  2. The eyelashes are deformed or crossed.
    Cause: instead of meticulously pulling the lashes parallel and evenly onto the silicone pad, they have been stuck onto the pad in a jumbled manner and not corrected before applying the lotions. This condition is then fixed in this way and the result looks pathetic, moreover, the lashes can then no longer move properly and break more easily.
  3. The eyelashes are completely curled, one also says “downright burnt”.
    Cause: an inferior lifting product was used or the perming lotion was left on the lashes too long. These unsightly curled lashes are irreversibly damaged until a natural lash grows back and the old lash falls out. Applying mascara does not help either, because it causes the curled lashes to stick together and clump even more.
  4. The lashes have no curl, the lifting effect is hardly visible or only present for a short time.
    Cause: the lifting product was of inferior quality or overaged, so that the perming lotion is exhausted and no longer has the power to open up the hair structure. It is also possible that the perming lotion has not been able to work long enough. In this case, it is worthwhile to simply repeat the lifting.
  5. The eyelashes have too much curl.
    Cause: This happens when the lashes are completely treated with perming lotion. This is wrong. The correct way is to treat them only in the area of the bend.

  1. Eyelashes have fallen out from the eyelash lift.
    Cause: This can happen if overaged glue that has already become viscous is used. Such glue dries much faster than fresh, thin glue. When fixing the lashes and aligning them in parallel on the silicone pad, the lashes are then pulled too hard. To avoid this, a high-quality lash lifting glue should be used. This is water-soluble and can therefore correct the stuck position of the lash with a drop of water instead of pulling on it.
  2. Eyelash lifting causes allergic reactions, redness, swelling or itching.
    Cause: the lifting product was of inferior quality. In general, even good eyelash lifting products can cause irritation if the skin is known to be sensitive, because they contain chemical substances without which the lifting would not be possible. Therefore, a few drops of the perming lotion should be applied to the cheek before application and a lift should only be performed if no adverse reactions have occurred within 5 minutes. For lifting, however, the lotions should only be applied to the eyelashes, they should never touch the eyelid. If the applied products are carefully and completely removed from the eyelashes and washed off, irritations usually disappear immediately.
  3. Infections occur after eyelash lifting.
    Cause: If the eyelash treatment is not carried out hygienically and correctly, infections of the conjunctiva can occur. It is therefore very important to be careful and hygienic.
  4. Damage occurs to the eye.
    Cause: Careless handling of the eye can theoretically always lead to injuries. However, this complication is extremely rare, as no sharp or injurious objects are used during eyelash lifting. It goes without saying that extreme caution must always be exercised in everything that takes place on the eye.

A question remains: Is lash lifting unhealthy?

If done properly, lash lifting usually has no side effects and is therefore not harmful.

All complications can be avoided if high-quality eyelash lifting products are used, such as the Super Lash and Brow Lifting Kit from XXL Lashes. In principle, you can also perform a lift yourself if you are skilled and experienced, follow the instructions exactly and work very carefully and meticulously.

Otherwise, eyelash lifting should only be carried out by experienced professionals in an eyelash studio. In a consultation before the treatment, the risks and side effects can be discussed and complications avoided.

DIY eyelash lift at home? Is this advisable?

Yes, it is possible to do an eyelash lift yourself at home if you have the right tools and products, detailed instructions a steady hand and some skill, because

  • You are flexible in your scheduling and can do the treatment comfortably and calmly at the weekend, if you have time and leisure.
  • You save time for a visit to the beauty salon.
  • You save money, because the material costs for a very good Lash Lifting product, which you can use 5-10 times, are much cheaper than the professional treatment in a cosmetic studio.

My Lash Lifting before and after

I always find the result overwhelming, because even without mascara and eyelash curlers, the eyes look more expressive.

The lash lift with the Super Lash and Brow Lifting Kit lasted about 6 weeks. After that, the effect diminished a little, although there was still quite a good curl.

My conclusion:

Initially, I had my eyelashes lifted in a studio. But since I tried it once myself and was satisfied, I now always lift them myself. I now find it very easy to use.

I’m also convinced by the good price-performance ratio. A treatment in the studio costs about 30-50 €. That is the equivalent of a good kit with which I can do about 8-10 treatments. I have already tried out various kits and have now permanently decided in favour of the XXL Lashes eyelash lift kit because of the many good recommendations. According to various product tests, it is one of the best products for lash lifting. My eyelash lift experiences with the durability are also good. My lash lift with this kit lasts about 6 weeks until I refresh it again.

What are your experiences? I would love to hear what difficulties you have faced and how you overcame them.

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