Eyelash Serum - XXL Lashes for Everyone?

Eyelash Serum - XXL Lashes for Everyone?

Before “eyelash serum” was a long way

My name is Helena and I tested XXL Lashes eyelash extension serum from XXL Lashes. You can find out what came out of it here in my blog.

I have short and straight eyelashes by nature, after all they are dark and not blond. Of course – like all women – I always dreamed of a bewitching look as I saw it on the great glossy photos of the beauty industry. So, I had to do something to get closer to my goal.

What I tried to get long lashes for

  • various household remedies
  • Makeup and Mascara
  • false eyelashes
  • eyelash extensions
  • eyelash serum

Actually, I’m more of a natural girl. My favorite bathroom is the fast one. Complex make-up with daily mascara – and then in the evening the annoying removal of make-up, I’m not so into it.

So I tried different things to get long lashes.

  • daily rubbing my eyelashes with castor oil for a while
  • using boiled potato peels with black broth on the lashes
  • drinking lots of green tea (that’s good for everything anyway)
  • having a healthy diet
  • taking many vitamins

I don’t want to say that none of this was really good, I don’t want to say that with all the household remedies and tricks, your eyelashes will be better protected and cared for in any case, but in fact they definitely won’t get any longer.

On special occasions I also struggled with band lashes, but if you’re not used to them, you find them irritating. The dream of long eyelashes remained unfulfilled!

Eyelash serum versus eyelash lengthening

Occasionally I have also indulged myself then once an eyelash extension. I didn’t get any closer to my wish for naturally long eyelashes, although a fresh set of extended eyelashes looks really stunning – but you have to be able to afford it. A budget of 50-100 EUR per month should be spent, because if you don’t have it reworked every 3-5 weeks, it starts not to look nice anymore. If one renounces it completely again, one has to be content with one’s own short stumps again.

So that wasn’t the optimal solution for me either!

Eyelash serum – effective or bogus?

Girl in white is thinking

There have been so many rumors about eyelash serum and meanwhile the advertising and the whole market is full of it. That “jumped me”, of course. In the past, I immediately tried out different, expensive and cheap ones. To be honest, it cost me a lot of money and brought me as much as my household remedies: nothing. These expensive vials contain vitamins, ginseng, collagen, nutrients and care ingredients, all of which are certainly good, but unfortunately do not grow lashes, so I no longer believed in the advertising promises.

Eye drops as eyelash serum?

I had almost given up, until about a year ago I came across something through a friend, which finally brought about a turnaround. She suddenly had remarkably long eyelashes – and I could see that they were real. When I asked her about her secret, she told me that she had bought Lumigan in Spain, where they don’t ask so critically for a recipe. This is a drug from Allergan, USA, used by patients with glaucoma. As a side effect it was observed that the eyelashes of these patients grew strongly. As a result, the producer has found out, why this is the case. Lumigan contains the active ingredient Bimatoprost, … and zack Allergan has released an eyelash growth serum containing bimatoprost (also called prostaglandin analog). It’s called Latisse . It has to be effective, but as far as I know, it can’t be imported into the EU, and it’s freaking expensive.

Lumigan, on the other hand, is only available on prescription at the pharmacy … otherwise I would have stayed with it, but it’s not so easy to get it if you don’t have this disease.

Is prostaglandin the magic ingredient in the lash serum?

So, I searched for an eyelash serum that also contains bimatoprost or a so-called prostaglandin analogue.
First, I tried the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – and behold, after about 3 weeks I already noticed the first clear growth spurt. RevitaLash is not cheap on Amazon, 3,5 ml cost about 80 EUR.
Another product I have tested and found to be effective is the M2 BEAUTÉ Eyelash Activating Serum. On Amazon 5ml are offered for 72,50 EUR.
The XXL Lashes eyelash serum that works but is not so expensive

But I wasn’t quite satisfied yet, because I hoped that there would also be an eyelash serum, which is “affordable” and also contains the active ingredient prostaglandin. I discovered the XXL Lashes serum of the company of the same name I had the best experience. I honestly admit that I came up with it through a series of tests. One could therefore assume that I’m writing a paid review here, but frankly it convinced me so much that I don’t feel like experimenting anymore and now I’m sticking with it, because it’s these qualities that inspire me:

That’s the XXL Lashes eyelash serum:

  • FAST RESULTS: It works effectively, accelerating eyelash growth and increasing volume within the first 3-4 weeks.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: it is vegan (not tested on animals, without animal ingredients), very well tolerated and safety certified.
  • PERFECT CONTENTS MATERIALS: it contains a prostaglandin analogue as its main active ingredient. Prostaglandins are a group of tissue hormones and the term analogue refers to a synthetically produced substance that acts like a natural substance in the human body.

67% of women surveyed noticed that their eyelashes had become thicker
80% of those examined have stronger eyelashes
87% of women confirm that the condition of their eyelashes has improved.

  • PRICE: 3,5 ml cost 39,90 EUR, but there is a very interesting quantity discount:
  • 3 pieces at 29,50 EUR,
  • 5 pieces already at only 25 EUR and from
  • 10 pieces upwards it’s only 19,90 EUR each.

Because it really works, I have teamed up with 3 friends and ordered 10 bottles, so that we get the advantage of the best quantity discount. One bottle lasts about 2 months and so I had bought a half-year stock.

You can get the XXL Lashes serum now also on Amazon, but there is not the low-priced quantity scale like in the XXL Lashes Shop.

This is how XXL Lashes eyelash serum is applied:

The XXL Lashes Serum is applied with the fine eyeliner brush very finely on the eyelash base, as if one would draw a eyeliner. It is important that the liquid reaches the root of the eyelash. Cell growth is only stimulated when the hair follicles absorb the serum. After the serum has been absorbed, the eye area can be made up as usual. I wear it every night, though.

Initially, a daily application is recommended, preferably in the evening after removing the make-up. Later it is completely sufficient to apply it just every 2nd or 3rd day. Thanks to its dense consistency and easy application, 3ml serum is sufficient for 2-3 months of use.

My tip: The eyelashes that are applied to the eyelashes with mascara brushes seemed completely unbelievable to me. Who believes that? It was always clear to me that evil must be tackled at the root. So fingers away from promises by brushes, an active substance must be applied to the lash base, so that the hair root has something of it!

Are there any side effects of eyelash sera with Prostaglandine?

Of course, any active substance or food can also have an effect on the human body with side effects, e.g. irritation, watery eyes or other allergic reactions. They may vary or be absent. This should be carefully tested by everyone before moving on to regular use.

I therefore asked my ophthalmologist, Dr. Oliver Stuhrmann, Frankfurt, for his opinion precisely because the hormonal active ingredient prostaglandin is contained in the XXL Lashes serum. He assured me that if the serum is applied to the edge of the upper eyelid according to the instructions, no significant concentrations of the substances can get into the eye, so that the application is considered safe and harmless overall.

Nevertheless, he recommends that patients undergoing chemotherapy, those affected by skin diseases, pregnant women and minors in growth should not use eyelash serum with Prostglandine.

On the other hand, the application after chemotherapy is again absolutely helpful, so that eyelashes and eyebrows are stimulated to growth again.

Eyelash serum also for eyebrows

With regard to chemotherapy and the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, I would like to mention that XXL Lashes Serum is also a booster for the growth of eyebrows.

A colleague of mine found out. She had lost hair, of course, but also eyebrows through the chemo. Because she needed a lot of liquid for the eyebrows, she ordered a supply with the above mentioned quantity discount from XXL Lashes, 10 bottles for a total of 199 EUR, which I think is a really attractive price.

My super tip at the end: eyelash lifting

I now have my eyelashes lifted regularly with the Lash Lifting Kit, so they stand upwards and look much longer.

Conclusion on the subject of eyelash serum

You see, I do a lot of advertising for the XXL Lashes serum here, but I think not everyone has to go through such a long and expensive odyssey when others have already struggled with it.

I hope you liked my blog, next time I’ll write more about the eyelash lifting, meanwhile I can do it myself and will explain it to you.


Of course you can test different lashes yourself, but my tip would be: “If a lash serum does not contain a prostaglandin derivative, no lash growth will occur! “

Write me your comments, I am totally curious about your experiences:


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