The 6 Most Important Tips for Your Eyelash Extensions Care

The 6 Most Important Tips for Your Eyelash Extensions Care

It is very important to properly care for lash extensions if you want to please others with long expressive eyes for a long time. In the end, XXL Lashes add characteristic trait to your own lashes. They are designed to visually enlarge the eyes, to make eyelashes longer and thicker, to give the look expressiveness. The beauty of artificial lashes is not only in that they are beautiful, but also it is very important to care for them. If you follow a few simple rules regarding eyelash extensions care, you will be able to easily prolong their life and to unexpected prevent side effects.

My name is Emily, I am a certified XXL Lashes Stylist and would like to give you some practical tips and advice for your eyelash extension care.

1. Do not rub your eyes!

Your eyelash extension can be damaged if you rub your eyes or eyelashes. Apart from that, rubbing the eyes can lead to an infection.

A lot of friction and mechanical influence can shorten the life cycle of your extensions.

If you are used to pushing your face into the pillow at night, your extensions will be kinked and bent. The next morning, you will find a dozen eyelashes on the pillow, and looking at yourself in the mirror, you will notice that the extensions will have been completely pressed in.

2. Use a brush for eyelashes!

One of the important points of care for the eyelashes is a neat and tidy appearance of the lashes. Lash technicians believe that regular use of an eyelash brush, for example with such mascara applicators will help to improve the appearance and visually lengthen both natural and artificial false eyelashes. Another very recommended tool are these type of eyelash combs with their fine stainless steel teeth or those bended eyelash separators. The use of eyelash curler must be waived in any case.


3. Avoid treatments with oil based cosmetics!

Don’t use oil based make-up remover, skin creams, cleansers, etc. Oil dissolves the eyelash adhesive and leads to extension loss. The XXL Lashes Cleanser and Foam Cleanser are oilfree and recommended when wearing eyelash extensions.


4.Be careful when using any eye make up products!

Usually there is no need to use mascara after an eyelash extension application when your

eyelashes will already be longer and appear fuller compared to your natural eyelashes. Most women are so happy with the appearance of their lashes that they do not need to use mascara, but in some cases you might want to use it. You must use only water based mascara and water based eyeliner with lash extensions. The components of the waterproof mascaras and eyeliners invade the adhesive base of your extensions and will ultimately lead to their loss. Remember this fact also when removing your eye make up at the end of the day and use only oilfree cleansers. However, keep in mind, that physical impact can harm your eyelash extensions and it might be an advantage, not to use mascara during that time.

As a tip after removing makeup, I recommend you to apply a really effective eyelash serum on the lid margin, so your Lashes receive enough active ingredients to grow back vigorously. By the way, you can also use that for the eyebrows.

5. Protect your eyelash extensions with a sealer!

After the application, a lash artist uses eyelash extension sealer. The only way to create a protective shell for lashes is a special sealer, which should be applied immediately after the procedure. It will strengthen the lashes and protect them from damage. A sealer is not a mandatory part of the care of lashes, but it can significantly increase their lifetime

6. Eyelash Extension removal at home or by an expert?

After a period of 4-8 weeks, you might want to renew your eyelash extensions and remove the old set. Eyelash extensions can be carefully removed by a qualified beautician with a specific remover which dissolves the adhesive. It is also possible to remove them in your own home, but this can be a tricky procedure and may require a number of attempts. In case you want to try it, you should get some small units of eyelash extension remover and a box of microbrushes. The small tipps of the microbrushes help you to apply very little, tiny drops of gel remover on the bonding part of your extensions. Then wait a few minutes and give the remover time to dissolve the adhesive until you can slide the extension away very easily. Be very careful with the use of the remover and avoid getting it into your eyes, because this will burn.

If you want to rest your eyelashes for a while and let them grow in peace before you renew them, remember to help eyelash growth with eyelash serum. During this time you can try out an eyelash lift or an eyelash wave. The effect is magically beautiful and therefore often a welcome alternative to eyelash extensions. In my next blog I will deal with the eyelash lift in more detail, until then much success with my tips for the care of your eyelash extensions.



I hope you find my tips useful. If you have questions or some more tips to other users, please comment here below. I am looking forward to hear from you,

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