The Best Tricks and Tips for the Durability of Your Eyelash Glue

The Best Tricks and Tips for the Durability of Your Eyelash Glue

Has it ever happened to you that you expected a customer for the application of eyelash extensions and had to find out during the preparations that your eyelash glue had become thick or even dried up? – My name is Nelly and I am an XXL Lashes Stylist. I want to talk to you about this rather annoying situation.

  • Or have you ever wondered why the wearing time of the lash extensions was sometimes good and sometimes bad?
  • Is that why you are still looking for “the best eyelash adhesive” or are you looking for “the best eyelash adhesive” again and again?
  • Does your favourite glue sometimes not work?
  • The answers often do not lie “in the glue”, but in the way it is used.

It is about time that we talk about the most important ingredient of an eyelash application, the eyelash glue.

Glue dried up! What do we do now?

Too stupid, because then it is unfortunately too late, because where is one supposed to get a replacement adhesive in a hurry? After all, a good eyelash glue is only available from specialist eyelash dealers.

I’ve already heard of stylists who worked with nail glue for the application…. unbelievable! This is absolutely irresponsible and borders on bodily injury.

In such an unpleasant situation, you really have no choice but to apologize to the customer and cancel or postpone the appointment. This happened to me once, but I offered the customer a substitute eyelash lift and also tinted her eyelashes. In the end, she was overjoyed, because she had no idea how beautiful her look was with the eyelashes that seemed much longer due to the lifting.

Can eyelash glue be diluted?

My bad news is: Unfortunately, there is no trick to make eyelash glue thin again by dilution. Under no circumstances should you try to do this by adding acetone or remover, as you know from dry nail polish. The fumes, which would be smuggled into the glue and land with it on the eyelashes, are absolutely harmful to the eye. So hands off aggressive chemicals that will put your customer’s health at risk and you will certainly lose her as such.

“My glue is not completely dry yet, then I can still use it”, be it

because there is no replacement at hand or because it was expensive and has to be saved. Unfortunately, this is not advisable, because if the adhesive does not have the optimal viscosity, the eyelash extension will not last very long. Therefore, make sure that the glue drop does not begin to harden at the edge or that it even pulls threads. That means he’s polimerizing. A test showed that the XXL Lashes Adhesive xD, bottled in the month 8/2018, 13 months later, in September 2019, was still perfectly viscous…. just a great quality !



But there is also good news: a high-quality eyelash glue is not exactly cheap. It is therefore worth dealing with him professionally.

By the way: When buying the glue, therefore, choose 5ml instead of 10ml bottle content.




The correct storage of the eyelash glue prolongs its shelf life.

The most important thing is the correct storage. The influence of moisture in any form must be avoided because a professional eyelash adhesive contains cyanoacrylate. This substance hardens through moisture. It does not have to fall into the water, the hardening is already caused by humidity. In other words, an adhesive must be kept cool and dry. But cool does not mean “off to the fridge”, as one often mistakenly hears and reads. The reason is quite simple. When removed from the refrigerator or warmed up at room temperature, condensate, i.e. moisture, forms in the adhesive bottle. With every walk in and out of the refrigerator, you help the glue to dry.

Never store the adhesive in the refrigerator so that condensation does not harden the adhesive. The ingredient cyanoacrylate reacts/hardens with moisture. It should be stored in a dark place at about 20 °, preferably in a thermopack with silica gel or in a jar with rice. The rice prevents moisture from getting into the glue.

This disposable product works wonders

A super trick to avoid moisture is the use of silica gel. These are the small packages that are often thrown away when an electronic device is delivered and unpacked. So next time keep it or just order a small stock of it, you can get it for example on amazon.

Shake, do not stir

As another trick I would like to remind you that it is very important to shake the glue well before use so that all ingredients are optimally combined. This not only makes the application more durable, but also preserves the effect of your eyelash glue.




Just don’t let him breathe.

Actually, it goes without saying, but in practice I observe again and again that the glue gets too much air. After removing an adhesive droplet, the neck of the bottle may have to be cleaned of residues and then immediately closed tightly again. In particular, fast drying adhesives for volume eyelashes with a short setting time dry quickly when exposed to oxygen and humidity.

Bids in order to achieve the longest possible wearing time of the lashextensions

  1. The drop of glue should not be too small because there is not enough “fresh” glue in it. It is not worth being “sparse” at this point.
  2. The extension should be immersed approximately in the middle of the adhesive drop, not on the surface and also not too deep at the bottom, where the reaction with oxygen has already taken place.
  3. Be sure to replace the glue drop frequently to avoid this effect.
  4. The extension should be pulled “slowly” out of the glue drop. If it is dipped and pulled out too quickly, a drop forms at the end of the extension, which you have to “wipe off”. A wiping on a surface, e.g. the contact with the pad, already leads to a premature and disadvantageous reaction or polymerisation.
  5. Do not forget to shake the adhesive well before use.
  6. Never use glue that pulls threads or begins to harden at the edge.
  7. Choose 5ml instead of 10ml when buying the glue.

If you take all these advice to heart, then

the extension will last until the natural eyelashes fall out by themselves. The XXL Lashes adhesives offer all the prerequisites for this:

Share your advice and tips here with us.

How do you handle the durability of your glue? Or what do you do if you realize too late that your glue has dried up?

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