These Skin Care Tips Will Make Your Skin Happy

These Skin Care Tips Will Make Your Skin Happy

Week after week we test new products and only those that satisfy us completely make it to our selection. – My name is Tanya, I am 37 and in charge of purchasing at XXL Lashes. I must openly admit that in all honesty most of these products are ones I personally like and would use myself.

Today I will tell you precisely why I have picked these anti-ageing products for inclusion in the XXL Lashes selection:

  1. Black face mask for blackheads

Let us begin with skin cleansing. I have found an all-rounder for this, the Sensinity black cleansing mask that works as a deep cleanser for my skin and ‘pulls out’ practically every blackhead. It is always satisfying to see these gross little white thingies sticking to the mask.

I find that the cleansing mask has an extra efficient detoxing effect on acne. Even at 37 I tend to get acne every now and then. Ever since I found out that my acne symptoms could be reduced by far, I use this black cleansing mask at least once a week right after showering when pores open up by the steaming effect.

My skin feels cleaner and smoother, pores have shrunk and black spots in the t-zone have disappeared in a matter of a few applications. The mask can be used two to three times a week. This is because activated carbon does not have a drying effect on the skin (as in other deep cleansing masks).

  1. Activated carbon cleansing prevents acne formation and keeps skin clean

I prefer to use this black Purederm Activated Carbon Make Up Remover Wipes for daily face cleansing and make up removal routine. Being oil free they are ideal for oily skins, and have a skin cleansing and detoxifying formula consisting of activated carbon and black esculent compounds that thoroughly removes every bit of makeup residue and lets the skin breathe again.
I have cleaner skin and less acne ever since I started using these cleansing wipes regularly.

  1. Hair removal made very convenient

Hair epilation is naturally a part of my weekly routine. I use a threading epilator about once a week to help me restrict hair growth on my legs and face. Epily is a mechanical hair epilator that uses the traditional Arabic technique for easy and quick hair removal. Epily is priced under EUR 10, good for multiple use and thus the most inexpensive way to remove body hair.

At first, I needed a little practice, but have since come to appreciate this natural form of hair removal as it dispenses with razors or hair removal creams, which means it is also convenient to pack it in your bag on travels.

Epily has an edge over other methods of hair removal inasmuch as it plucks hair from the roots, which slows down the growth and volume of new hair a lot.


4.- Glossy hair

I have a real idiosyncrasy when it comes to my long hair. People often ask me what I do to make it look so glossy. Actually, I use inexpensive off-the-shelf hair care products from the supermarket.

However, I set great store by regular hair masking. Once or twice a month before hair wash, I put generous amounts of aloe vera gel in my hair until it feels pretty drenched. Then I put up my hair, leave it on for about 1 or 2 hours and wash it as usual. This aloe vera moisturising care is true bliss for my long hair and keeps it from turning rough and brittle.

Incidentally, aloe vera used as a body lotion also makes the skin glow since it moisturises, improves skin appearance, reduces wrinkles, is anti-inflammatory, absorbent, smells good and is rich in Vitamin B 12, folic acid and choline.

About once a month I also pamper my hair with pure Argan oil that we source directly from the country of origin, Morocco. Simply massage in an adequate amount in the hair and if circumstances allow, cover your hair in a scarf and leave it overnight.

Argan oil is surprisingly easy to wash off and suits dark as well as light hair. There is nothing better than Argan oil to get gleaming hair.

5. Concentrate for the cleavage area to fight signs of skin ageing

I sleep on my side and am therefore a victim of unsightly vertical cleavage wrinkles. To lessen them I use the Lift Effect Pearls by Khanya once or twice a week.

They are small capsules of concentrated lifting regenerators containing evening primrose and monkey bread tree oils that nourish the cleavage area with active ingredients and brings elasticity to the skin so that no deep folds are formed in the skin.

  1. Anti-wrinkle face pearls

Khanya also brings you a great booster to fight signs of skin ageing on the face, the anti-wrinkle face pearls.

There is a concentrate containing Q10 for the face and eyes in these pearls. The 7 single dose pearls provide moisture and anti-ageing active ingredients to the skin; used 1 to 2 times a week helps make your skin supple and smooth.

My tip: I tap the serum with my fingertips into the skin. This is gentle and revitalising on the tender skin beneath eyes and a light massage for my face.

  1. Lid-lifting in seconds

It has been a few years now since I have alas had sagging eyelids. I do not know yet if I will ever have them lifted.

I, however, use lid up strips in the eyelid folds to leave my face looking fresh and more radiant. It has become my morning make up routine to put them on. It is done in seconds and is very easy to handle.

The Lid Lifting Strips are invisible and make up can be applied over them. I wear them all day long without feeling a thing. The effect is amazing; one of the niftiest make up accessories for me.


  1. Do away with hideous dark circles

My hot tip after a long night, sitting hours in front of a screen or for a small booster before stepping out… these activated carbon eye pads not only do you good they positively rejuvenate the skin and reduce puffiness, dark circles and dark spots.

I store them in the refrigerator to boost the anti-inflammatory effect and then give myself a moment or two of peace and quiet by lying down, place them on my face and let them do their work until my skin fully absorbs the moisture in the gel pads.


  1. The ultimate luxury: eye pads with 24 carat gold

There is a luxury variant to the pampering I have just referred to: hydrogel eye pads with 24 carat gold. These anti-ageing eye pads are enriched with pure 24 carat gold.
I cannot really say if they are better than the activated carbon eye pads, but they do make one feel great.
Incidentally, these moisture pads stick so well that one does not need to lie down necessarily. They can be worn even while moving about, e.g. while doing housework or working on the PC.


  1. The best anti-ageing effect……not on sale! 😊

Of course we can fight signs of ageing with superb products and it is really nice to pamper and take care of oneself.

But do not forget: true beauty comes from within. “Smiling” more often does not cost a penny and is the best recipe to stay young and look beautiful however many wrinkles the years bring upon us.

I hope you have got a good tip or two from me. What has been your experience? I look forward to your comments. Do write to me at …………

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