10 Ultimate Tips to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

10 Ultimate Tips to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer


As experts in the field, we wanted to share our experience with you to achieve a long-lasting effect and durability with your eyelash extensions

Every woman who wasn’t gifted from nature dreams of long, beautiful eyelashes, but most ruin their natural ones with badly made extensions.

Eyelash extensions must be applied in a certain way and require a lot of detailed work. This obviously means that they don’t come cheap – not at all. It would be amazing if they could last forever, but unfortunately, they fall faster than you would expect, especially when the natural eyelashes break under the weight of the extensions. In fact, you should know that eyelashes take around 30 days to grow from scratch and then keep their length for about 50-60 days. A natural eyelash has a life cycle of around 3 months before falling out. That means that, unfortunately, you’ll lose your extensions as well at some point.

That obviously doesn’t mean that your eyelash extensions will last for 3 months. For example, you won’t be able to attach an extension to a short “baby” eyelash. That means that you can only start applying them when your natural eyelashes are stable, which reduces the wear time to around 6-8 weeks.

Well… What should you do if your eyelash extensions do not hold?

In order to make it a worthwhile investment, your eyelash extensions should not fall too early, and they should last at least 6-8 weeks.

It is always hard to judge from a distance what the reasons of premature fall could be…

  • It can be due to the application, especially when eyelashes haven’t been pre-cleaned and decreased well enough
  • Or it can be due to the way you fiddle with your eyelashes
  • Or again, maybe there are some physical reasons why they might detach
  • Lastly, it could be due to your eyelashes coming in contact with daily care products and sweaty skin, through which fat is deposited on the eyelashes

… in these cases, the application won’t last long. But, in most other cases, the reasons why your eyelashes might fall are varied.

The durability of your eyelash extensions depends on 10 crucial factors:

Tip no. 1


Clean your eyelashes thoroughly! – A successful extension procedure requires precise and correct cleaning of the natural eyelashes before application. If not perfectly cleaned, your eyelashes will look like this under the microscope.

It’s easy to understand why the extensions can’t attach to the eyelashes properly this way.

The eyelashes must be COMPLETELY FREE OF BOTH FAT AND REMOVER RESIDUES from previous applications.

To start the cleaning process you must use an alcohol- and fat-free cleanser.

Then you can proceed to a fine cleaning procedure once all the major residues have been cleaned off using lint-free remover pads, which allow you to remove the last small residues. Please also clean the skin around your eyes before using these so that they adhere better.

Tip no. 2

The primer! – After the cleaning procedure, the natural eyelashes must be primed with a primer for better adhesion. For this purpose, two micro-brushes must be dabbed with primer in order to brush each individual eyelash and the spaces in between them, using the so-called “sandwich technique.” The primer “degreases” the eyelashes.

Tip no. 3

Use the right eyelash gluing technique – The gluing technique used plays a decisive role in extending the durability of your eyelash extensions. The extensions are applied perfectly when the natural eyelashes are connected to the artificial ones over their entire length by glue, not just partially.

This illustration quickly shows you how fragile the application can be if you only apply the extension on some parts of the eyelash instead of the entire length.

Here’s how to do it right:This illustration quickly shows you how fragile the application can be if you only apply the extension on some parts of the eyelash instead of the entire length.


  • First, you need to give the glue bottle a nice shake before using it.
  • Then, you can dip a third of the extension into the glue.
  • Place the extension on the natural eyelash as shown in the illustration.
  • And finally, drive it with a wooden stick along the entire glued area.

The last step is extremely important because it brings the two eyelashes together, “absorbing” all superfluous glue. The glue that will be left on the eyelashes will dry quickly.

Tip no. 4

The quality of the eyelash glue is particularly important since it must offer optimal adhesive strength.

A high-quality glue is essential to achieve great results with eyelash extensions. It’s important for the stylist to know as much about glues as possible. The team behind XXL Lashes is well versed in the different properties of eyelash glues and can advise accordingly.

In terms of durability, all eyelash glues last just as long as the others; they usually only differ in their “setting time.” XXL Lashes glues are among the best eyelash glues on the market today; they’ve been tested and approved by thousands of stylists over the years.

Tip no. 5

Beware of heavy eyelashes! – A very important tip for the durability of your eyelash extensions is not to stick heavy extensions or long extensions onto natural eyelashes, for example:

  • Do not stick thick extensions on thin eyelashes
  • Do not stick long extensions on short eyelashes
  • The length should never exceed 30%-50% of the natural length
  • The thickness should be just the same as the natural eyelashes

Heavy and long extensions lead to a premature “tilting” and loss of natural eyelashes. This is obviously not what you want.

Also, premature eyelash loss adversely affects their growth.

Therefore, we can only advise you not to bend and twist your eyelashes. Often, thickening your natural eyelashes is the best way to achieve a fantastic effect that not only lasts longer but also looks better.

Tip no. 6

Protect your eyelashes! – At the end of the application you should always use a sealer to take good care of your extensions.

The XXL Lashes™ Sealer is a liquid coating specially designed to seal eyelash extensions. It prevents the eyelashes from drying out and becoming brittle, giving them a livelier and shinier look. This way, you can finally have flexibility and thus durability for an overall longer extension life cycle.

The sealer is applied just like mascara.

Tip no. 7

It’s waterproof, but not right away! – You should always wait at the very least 24 hours before taking a shower, using the sauna or going to the swimming pool. The freshly applied extensions should not get wet until you are sure they have dried up.

Tip no. 8

Mascara, yes or no? – We do not recommend using mascara with extensions, especially waterproof and oily mascaras which will shorten the life cycle of your extensions. Oily mascaras dissolve the special glue used for extensions. The same goes for make-up removers containing oil or alcohol. If you must use a mascara, please look for an oil-free and water-soluble solution.

If you can’t do without your mascara, make sure that you use an oil-free, water soluble solution like the XXL Lashes Luxury Mascara. If possible, use it only on the tips of your extensions.

Mascara can obviously be applied on the lower lid lashes if no extension has been applied there. To clean it up, sprinkle a cotton swab with water or an alcohol- and grease-free cleanser like the XXL Lashes Foam Cleanser, gently removing the mascara.

Obviously though, carrying mascara will impact the durability of your extensions negatively in the long-term – and to be honest, do you really need mascara after applying your extensions successfully?

Tip no. 9

Avoid oil and alcohol! – Your eyelash extensions should not come into contact with care products (e.g. shampoo, face cream, ma-up remover…) that contain oils or alcohol. Grease dissolves glue.

Tip no. 10

„Do not sleep on your eyelashes! “ – After all, the entire application process plays an important role for the durability of your extensions and it should not be underestimated. A lot of friction and mechanical influence can shorten the life cycle of your extensions.

If you are used to pushing your face into the pillow at night, your extensions will be kinked and bent. The next morning, you will find a dozen eyelashes on the pillow, and looking at yourself in the mirror, you will notice that the extensions will have been completely pressed in.


If you keep all these 10 tips in mind, then your eyelash extensions can last until the natural eyelashes fall out on their own. A realistic estimation would be 4-8 weeks.

If you like these tips, share them with friends and colleagues and tell us about your experiences…

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