Gorgeous Eyelashes Despite Lockdown?

Gorgeous Eyelashes Despite Lockdown?

Do you want to maintain that alluring look despite eyelash studios being shut down? There is of course no replacing the expertise of your favourite stylist, but we do have a few tips and tricks ready for you to try out at home

First remove your old eyelash extensions

Perhaps you still have remnants of your last eyelash extension left stuck behind and your messy eyelashes are bothering you? You may not want to risk pulling out your natural eyelashes along with the extension remnants? Rest assured, there is now a Gel Remover available meant specially for eyelash glue. You can use this to remove the last remnants of stuck eyelashes gently and carefully by yourself, without damaging your natural eyelashes.

Incidentally, here is an instructional video on gentle eyelash removal.

Thereafter, eyelash serum takes care of accelerating eyelash growth

When the old eyelash extensions are out and you get that strange feeling of being “naked”. You can always us this time until your next eyelash extension application to stimulate the growth of your natural eyelashes.

For that we would like to recommend the XXL Lashes eyelash serum, which is known for its effectiveness and is a frontrunner among peer products. It helps you develop long, thick and strong eyelashes and brings about quick growth of natural eyelashes.

Regular use brings marked growth in eyelashes within 4 weeks itself. Just apply thinly once or twice daily on the eyelids and that’s all. It is an easy enough step to integrate into your daily beauty regimen.

How about eyelash fillers and magnetic eyeliners

Until then, you can of course dig deeper into the bag of tricks and make do with the magnetic eyeliner set. Simply apply eyeliner and place your favourite row of eyelashes directly on it. The advantages over the much-touted magnetic strip eyelashes are obvious: since the artificial eyelashes are not attached to the natural eyelashes, they cannot damage the eyelash roots and thereby impede healthy growth of eyelashes. Strip eyelashes are, of course, re-useable.

Incidentally, the eyeliner works for any commercially available strip eyelashes.

Do you want to know more about magnetic eyelashes and the magnetic eyeliner? In that case please visit this blog.

Eyelashes: lifting instead of extension

The photo below illustrates the kind of astounding effects you can achieve with your natural eyelashes. There are no extensions applied on these eyelashes; they have simply been “straightened” or lifted.

A step-by-step description of how eyelash lifting functions is given in the Super Lash Lift Kits manual. A pack is good for 10 to 12 applications and contains everything you would need for the lifting procedure.

Straightened eyelashes are the quickest route to add glow and vivaciousness to your overall look.

Read here at leisure about things that can be done incorrectly in the eyelash lifting procedure

Colouring eyelashes – Do it yourself

Do you have lovely thick and long lashes that go unnoticed? If you have not been naturally blessed with dark eyelashes, you can help yourself by colouring your light eyelashes. It is not so difficult at all, but makes a whole lot of difference:

What a transformation it is, isn’t it? There is a very helpful manual at this site: DIY: step-by-step guide to eyelash colouring – the best tips. This also gives you information on the types of recommended eyebrows and eyelash colouring products and their prices.

Clever lockdown ideas for eyelash stylists

As long as it is mandatory for salons to remain closed, stylists too are forced to struggle for survival. Not everyone has the resources to tide over months of no income. This site makes a few suggestions to eyelash stylists for the lockdown period.

Perhaps you too could come up with some ideas and share a few tips with all of us.

We all hope to soon enjoy again the luxury of options and be at liberty to visit our nail studios, beauty parlours and eyelash stylists. Until then, we wish you all good times and steady sustenance.

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