The Best Ideas to Achieve Natural and Beautiful Eyelashes Without Extensions

The Best Ideas to Achieve Natural and Beautiful Eyelashes Without Extensions

Eyelash extensions or natural eyelashes? Maybe an eyelash lifting?

Here at XXL Lashes, even we seem to have different opinions. Some can’t get enough of the voluminous, dramatic look, while others prefer the more discreet, natural look. There’s only one thing we can all agree on – eyelashes should always be nice and long, please!

This is a good reason why we want to talk about how to lovingly take care of your natural eyelashes in order to achieve a beautiful, expressive result without extensions.

Care Tips for Natural Eyelashes

In order to best support the natural hair root, your skin should never be too dry; this could make you rub your eyes due to itching. If you do this, you run the risk of losing your natural eyelashes prematurely due to the mechanical stimulus. For this reason, moisturizers – preferably based on aloe vera – should be used regularly, especially for dry skins. Those who tend to have dry skin should use pure Aloe Vera Gel instead of daily cream. It guarantees the ultimate moisture!

In addition, cleaning your eyelashes is a top priority. Mascara bits not only look unattractive, they also stick individual hairs together, unnecessarily weighing down the hair roots. Both are mechanical stimuli that lead to premature eyelash loss. Small baby eyelashes are particularly affected as they are not strongly rooted. This means that you could ultimately experience a loss of volume.

Cleaning is important, so we recommend a mild, high-quality Cleanser – my favorite is the XXL Lashes Eyelash Shampoo; no oil, no alcohol… The skin is allowed to breathe, and it doesn’t dry out.

Please be patient during the cleanup! Also, please do not rub your eyes… It only favors wrinkles, and it damages the eyelashes. This eyelash cleansing brush has been specially designed to cleanse your eyelashes gently, brushing out make-up residue.


What About Eyelash Growth Serum?

To stimulate eyelash and hair growth, using a little help is allowed. Eyelash serums are most effective when they are made with a prostaglandin analogue basis. “Prostaglandins” are a group of tissue hormones. The term “analogue” refers to a synthetically produced substance that acts like a natural substance in the human body.

Eyelash serums that are advertised as containing vitamins or other such substances aren’t harmful, but they are usually ineffective and not recommended when it comes to growing your eyelashes.

Try XXL Lashes Serum! We guarantee you’ll see significant improvement just after 4 weeks, with clear, beautiful eyelash growth. Applying it is very simple: XXL Lashes Serum should be applied gently on the eyelash base 3-5 times per week by using the integrated brush – just as if you were drawing with an eyeliner. It is important for the liquid to reach the root of the eyelash. Cell growth is stimulated only when the hair follicles absorb the serum. After the serum has been absorbed, you can apply make-up around the eye area as usual.

If you want to know more about the growth serum, read Helena’s legendary blog post: “Eyelash Serum vs. Eyelash Extension”.

Heated Eyelash Curler or Eyelash Curler with Built-in Comb?

Before the mascara is applied, most women use an eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes upwards and thus optically lengthen them. However, some of these curlers can become very irritating if you pinch your eyelid, pull on the eyelashes accidentally or break individual eyelashes through sheer pressure. Therefore, we recommend an eyelash curler with built-in comb.

You can also use a heated eyelash former – a perfect alternative to bend the eyelashes upwards quickly without running any risk. Due to the gentle heat development, individual hairs are bent upwards and disentangled without building up excessive pressure.

Straightening Eyelashes with an Eyelash Lifting

We’ve all heard about Wimpernwelle (eyelash wave), but have you heard about XXL Lashes Lash Lifting?

The principle is the same as Wimpernwelle, where natural eyelashes are folded onto a roll on the upper eyelid and treated with three different structure gels (similar to a perm), curving the shape of the eyelashes and making the curlers unnecessary.

The XXL Lashes Lash Lifting uses the same principle, but instead of the wheels, it makes use of specially developed silicone pads which direct the lashes upwards, thus ensuring a wonderful look for the eyes, with maximum length.

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